Asset Recovery

Whether you have one item or a warehouse of inventory. We will get your
equipment sold and return 50% of the profit to you.

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Asset Recovery

Get started by filling out infromation about your IT equipment. If you have a spreadsheet list, please email it to with your contact information.

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Pick-up Asset Recovery

If you have a group of assets that are collectively worth $5000.00 or more AND each item is worth at least $200 individually, our Asset Recovery team will pick up your equipment from your location. All items will be put through our 80-point inspection, testing and refurbishment procedures and sold through our multi-channel remarketing system. You will receive 50% of the profit (defined as 2/3 of the final sales price) when the revenue for the entire project exceeds the minimum $5000.00 requirement AND each item sells for over $200.

Any project that sells for below the $5000.00 minimum will not be eligible for revenue sharing. learn more

How Does GreenCitizen Determine Asset Values?

We Don't. Market conditions determine the current residual value of your equipment. The value of electronics constantly changes as technology advances, so before submitting assets for recovery, it's essential that you know the specifications of your equipment and can determine the current market price. learn more

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