On Site Hard Disk Destruction

GreenCitizen offers an onsite hard disk destruction service for businesses and will bring the portable hard disk destroyer to your office. In interest of full accountability, your staff can watch the hard disk destroyer crush the hard drives.

Please contact pickup@greencitizen.com for a quote.

Computers in Africa Constructed from E-Waste and Jerrycans

          West Africa has long been a repository for much of the developed world’s outdated and obsolete electronic waste.  This is due to many factors, including: the capital intensiveness of recycling e-waste, lax labor… Read More

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Make Your Own 3D Printer- Reinventing E-Waste

A large part of the recycling process involves repurposing. Besides keeping your electronics running for as long as possible, there are many creative things you can do with your old electronics. Some turned gutted out CRT monitors into… Read More

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The Future of Electronics: Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly Technology

In  2011 41.5 million tons of e-waste was disposed of. This number is expected to grow to 93.5 million tons in 2016. Currently, a large majority of electronic waste is shipped overseas to places like Africa and China… Read More

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