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Why GreenCitizen?

Believe it or not, that old malfunctioning printer you have which you bought for $40 a couple years ago has no value. To fix it would cost more than its sale price. Like a car after a bad accident, it is totaled. And the same story is true for its raw materials. The cost of extracting and separating the printer's raw materials into usable resources exceeds the value of those raw materials. This may change in the future as resources become scarcer, but for now the grim reality is that recycling such items won't pay for itself.

But here is where your old iPhone comes in. Selling your old iPhone to GreenCitizen directly supports the recycling of "totaled" electronics. After erasing all data from your iPhone (or laptop, or smartphone, or tablet), GreenCitizen resells it to someone in America, using its technical know-how and wide market reach to command a higher price. But it doesn't just pocket the profits. GreenCitizen uses them to prevent more than 200,000 pounds of electronic waste from entering our nation's landfills every month. And that is what sets GreenCitizen apart: it sacrifices its profits to preserve the environment. As a result, you can responsibly recycle your old printer (or computer, or microwave, or refrigerator) for free. So skip the craigslist hassles. Sell your iPhone back to GreenCitizen, put some money in your pocket, and help preserve the environment. When you do, everybody wins.

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