Copier Destruction

Copier Destruction

Photocopier And Scanner Destruction

Discarded or donated computers, copiers, and media disks are a principle source of information for identity thieves. These items should not be viewed as trash but rather as archives of confidential data.

60% of Americans are not aware that copiers contain a data storage device. An electronic copy of every page scanned or copied using a photocopier is saved to an internal drive. These images can be retrieved with little effort. Copiers and scanners represent one of the fastest growing threats to personal data security. Be sure to dispose of your used scanning and copying equipment in a way that ensures your personal and business information will not fall into the wrong hands.

Using the GreenCitizen copier destruction service you can guarantee that all information stored on your copier will be destroyed. GreenCitizen tracks each photocopier and scanner bound for destruction down to the serial number. All data storage devices are removed and destroyed using a Department of Defense standard crusher and then shredded in a certified hard disk destroyer. Upon completion, GreenCitizen will send you a certificate confirming the successful destruction of all data storage devices.

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