Free Electronics Recycling Isn’t Easy

Bring all of your electronics to GreenCitizen and we’ll make sure they get recycled responsibly and locally. We can take anything that plugs in or runs on batteries, all for free. However, your VOLUNTARY recycling fees help keep responsible recycling convenient and affordable. GreenCitizen has over 10 free drop-off locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. By recycling reusable electronics items like monitors, TVs, laptops, computers, and smart phones, you are enabling us to open more Electronics Recycling Eco-centers. We service our customers from two different types of Eco drop-off sites: Eco-Centers and Eco-Drops. Please see the table below to find out what items can be accepted at each of the different sites.

For electronics recycling for business, please go to the Business Pickup page.

The items below are cost neutral to recycle and can be dropped off at any of our Eco-Centers and Eco-Drops.

Cell Phones
Network Switches
UPS Batteries


The items below are difficult to recycle and can ONLY be dropped off at our Eco-Centers. The VOLUNTARY recycling fee for these items is $0.50/lb.

Item Approximate Cost of Recycling
CD Players/Walkmen $1
Fan $2
Fax machines $8
Heaters $1
Microwaves $10
Printers $10
Remote controls $1
Scanner $5
Stereo Equipment/VCR/DVD Players/Speakers $5
Toasters/Blenders/Coffee makers $2
Vacuum cleaners $5
Misc. electronics $10/bankers box

Electronics Recycling –
Fee Services (NOT Available At Our Eco-Drops)

Hard Disk Destruction – $20.00
  • Each hard disk will be physically destroyed at GreenCitizen then shredded in a certified hard disk destructor.
  • When this process is complete you will be provided with a certificate of destruction for your records.
Cell Phone Destruction – $20.00
  • The logic-board memory, sim card, and any removable data storage are all destroyed.
  • Phone numbers, names, and other information are completely deleted.
Styrofoam – $5 per 30 Gal Plastic Bag
  • 30 gallon bags for measurement available at all eco-centers
  • Any shape accepted (peanuts/blocks/etc.)
  • Must be clean (i.e. no food contamination etc.)
  • A minimum $5 charge applies
  • EPS Number 6 Styrofoam only
 Shredding Services
  • Paper: $10 per bankers box, $10 minimum.
  • CDs: $20 per bankers box, minimum $20.
  • Floppy Disks: $30 per bankers box, minimum $30.

Electronics Recycling – Items We Cannot Accept

  • 35mm Slides, Film Negatives, or Movie Film
  • Furniture: Chairs, Couches, etc.
  • Broken Light Bulbs
  • Non-Rechargeable Electronic Batteries: Carbon Zinc, Zinc Air, Disposable Batteries
  • Single-use alkaline batteries accepted at Berkeley, San Francisco, and Mountain View eco-centers.
  • Items containing liquid mercury: Thermometers, Thermostats, etc.
  • Smoke Detectors: models that contain americium 241
  • Hazardous Waste: Paint, Motor Oil, Sharps, Bio Hazardous Waste, etc.
  • Any Medical Electronics

We offer Free Electronics Recycling in the
greater San Francisco Bay Area

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