A Socially and Environmentally
Responsible Company

General Information
GreenCitizen is a socially and environmentally responsible company. Our mission is to create a cleaner environment by addressing the growing electronic waste crisis.

GreenCitizen Eco-Centers give individuals and businesses the opportunity to reduce their e-waste footprint while learning more about the electronic waste crisis, while our pick-up and drop-off recycling services ensure end-of-life electronics are recycled securely and responsibly in the United States.

Reuse Services
The GreenCitizen's closed-loop reuse department is able to repair and reuse approximately 25% of all electronic equipment received by GreenCitizen.

Through these efforts GreenCitizen has been able to outfit schools, non-profits and individuals with working systems that would otherwise have to go without.

GreenCitizen's reuse department does not ship any electronic items overseas. All refurbished items are only available to US based residents and organizations.

All reuse items can be recycled at any GreenCitizen Eco-center at no charge at the end of their useful life.

Discarded or donated computers, copiers and media disks are a principle source of information for identity thieves. These items should not be viewed as trash but rather as archives of confidential data.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates that as many as 9,000,000 Americans are victims of identity theft each year. A large number of these cases will occur as a result of inadequate or improper data security.

The majority of US recycling companies ship electronic waste overseas. Identity thieves are able to buy and fish though hundreds of hard drives and media disks at a time and pull social security numbers, bank account details, birth certificates, online passwords, passport photos and addresses to create new identities, credit cards, take out loans and empty bank accounts.

Advanced Data Security Services
For your peace of mind GreenCitizen offers numerous data destruction services:

  • On-site Hard Disk Destruction Services
  • Hard Disk Destruction Services at GreenCitizen Eco-Centers
  • Mail-in Hard Disk Destruction
  • Copier Data Destruction
  • Media Destruction

Recycling Services
GreenCitizen provides comprehensive electronic waste recycling services that are convenient, accountable, and secure. These services include mail-in, drop-off and pick-up of your unwanted electronic items.

Unlike many electronic waste recycling companies that dump electronic waste in developing countries, GreenCitizen recycles all electronic items in the United States to stringent environmental and health regulations. This process ensures that all heavy metals and toxins in electronic items are reclaimed and reused rather than being sent to landfill or burned which is often the case with other recycling companies.

By reusing glass, plastic, aluminum and heavy metals (i.e. lead, copper and mercury), recycling averts the energy used and pollution linked with mining and drilling for new materials.

Unparalleled Convenience
GreenCitizen offers you a number of convenient ways to recycle your electronics.

  • GreenCitizen Recycling Eco-centers in San Francisco, Berkeley, Burlingame, Mountain View are open 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm. No appointment is necessary.
  • On-Site Recycling Pick-Up for businesses, organizations, governmental agencies, schools and more.
  • GreenCitizen Mail-in Recycling Service for laptops, cell phones, PDAs, DVD/CD disks.
  • GreenCitizen Kiosks™ - drop-off stations for smaller electronics (batteries, cell phones, ink cartridges, CDs/DVDs) in convenient neighborhood/business locations.

Total Accountability
Today the electronics de-manufacturing and recycling industry lacks standards and accountability. At GreenCitizen, all recycled and reused items are tracked throughout the entire reuse and de-manufacturing process to provide full accountability and transparency of the reuse/recycling process. With our accountability system, manufacturers, retailers, environmentalists and government are able to measure the success of their investments and efforts to support electronic waste recycling.

    Over 150,000 green consumers and 15,000 green organizations served.

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